The Owner of the website, where he is trying to look intelligent and welcoming I have been working as a web developer for over 15 years. I call myself a Product-minded engineer. I worked in small agencies and enterprise-level companies during my career. The products I built or worked on as a team include domains like finance, tourism, health, dashboard web apps and more.

I like to understand products beyond the code. I like to ask lots of Why questions. Why this feature is important? How will this improve the customer journey? Because of this interest, I also deep dive into design, accessibility and SEO topics.

Much like my fellow developers, I stay up-to-date on the latest in the tech world. I utilise Notion to capture my musings, and over the past few years, I've compiled many ideas waiting to be shared with the world. Also, this is my third attempt to redesign my website. I recall my last live blog back in 2013, which means it took me ten years to finally produce this rushed version.