Front-end News Archive

To stay with the latest trends in the Front-end world, I skim the web, X (Twitter) and several newsletters during the week.
Naturally, as a Notion user, I jot down whatever interests me. I found it handy more than once to search for THAT specific article(s) about a particular feature.
Now, I'm transferring my archive to the web using SvelteKit and Notion's API.

  • Friday Issue #118 | 5/7/2024
    How to choose JavaScript Runtime, Event Loop lag story, For CSS loads of how-to articles about colours, calculations, Container Queries, Cap Unit and unique 3D experiment.
  • Friday Issue #117 | 28/06/2024
    Controversial news on HTMX, JS survey highlights, TS 5.5, Vuesion, Set(), Zod, and Valibot. In the CSS world, good sources on the Anchor tool and usage.
  • Friday Issue #116 | 21/06/2024
    React is postponing RC19, an overview of Safari 18 features, SvelteKit boilerplate and Speculation Rules API. In the HTML world, CSS is getting IF conditional, and a good post about Anchor positioning
  • Friday Issue #115 | 14/06/2024
    This week has news about React Compiler use case, Microsoft Edge, Astro 4.10, HTMX, and a good read about Container Queries and nested links from the CSS world. Also, Nvidia surpasses Apple, and there are loads of new updates for Safari.
  • Friday Issue #114 | 7/06/2024
    This week is more about JavaScript, memory leaks, promises, a Big(O) notation and data fetching patterns. CSS has interesting reads about tooltips, aria-label, The Gap and CSS-only timer.
  • Friday Issue #113 | 31/05/2024
    Astro 4.9 added React Container API, performance in Chrome DevTools, what is the difference between async and defer, Vue and NextJS 15RC. Friday’s game is made with pure CSS, Layouts without CSS frames and how to test layout responsiveness.
  • Friday Issue #112 | 24/05/2024
    Busy week with loads of news including React Compiler, Remix and React Router, Angular 18, React Chessboard, design system checklist and more
  • Friday Issue #111 | 17/05/2024
    Front-end news: Astro 4.8, From Skew to TS, Vue Eco 2024, jQuery to JS converter, Three Fiber, Learning SolidJS and from CSS updates light-dark(), popover, custom properties and some pain to read news on WordPress 2024
  • Friday Issue #110 | 3/04/2024
    Svelte 5 finally arrived at the Release Candidate stage! Also, React 19 Beta is here, as is an interesting HTMX review and loads of CSS news
  • Friday Issue #109 | 26/04/2024
    What a time to live! CSS can detect JS, and Node, PNPM, and Astro have new versions. Interesting idea about Masonry for CSS and a good post about HTML vs DOM attributes.
  • Friday Issue #108 | 19/04/2024
    Quill RTE, Biome, a deep dive into CSS in React Server Components, and a Qwik vs Next.js overview. CSS game, gap vs margin and does the Design System help?
  • Friday Issue #107 | 12/05/2024
    Good overview posts about Svelte, JavaScript playground, VitePress, and DevTools tips and tricks. Also, CSS has a few interesting reads about Units, animations, and Bulma 1.0
  • Friday Issue #106 | 05/04/2024
    Bun 1.1 is now on Windows, CSS container queries described in an excellent post. Affinity joined Canva. Also, there is a good resource for accessibility checks and front-end identity crises.
  • Friday Issue #105 | 22/03/2024
    JS Optimisations with use cases and examples, Typescript, Angular + Wiz, EU Cookies, How to on LocalStorage, Custom CSS properties and draft on Web Neural Network
  • Friday Issue #104 | 15/03/2024
    Safari 17.4 added a Switch tag, a fun-to-read conversation between Ryan (Remix) and Rich (Svelte) about the future of the Frontend and Utopia (CSS), a filter example using CSS:has(), and—by the way—CSS is Logical!
  • Friday Issue #103 | 8/03/2024
    Here is JSR with NPM, interesting thoughts on Gatsby, Switch element for Safari, and stream HTML without JavaScript. Excellent post on CSS printing and Apple reverse PWA for EU.
  • Friday Issue #102 | 1/03/2024
    Thoughts on Tailwind CSS vs Semantic CSS, big news on Remix, how big your average website’s JavaScript is and a deep dive into View Transitions
  • Friday Issue #101 | 23/02/2024
    CSS utility and Tailwind. Apple and PWA. The React compiler is nearly there, as well as Qwik intro to the next level, HTML vs React, specificity battle game, and Colour Spaces.
  • Friday Issue #100 | 16/2/2024
    Celebrating the 100th Issue with another set of excellent articles. This week presents new Set(), Hono, Vue devtools, very nicely done post about Scrollbar evolution and don’t be that guy post.
  • Friday Issue #99 | 9/2/2024
    Interview with Rich Harris, a deep dive into diverged git branches, Next.JS app router migration, hot module replacement, colour input support and focus-visible usage
  • Friday Issue #98 | 2/2/2024
    Qwick intro with Astro, Deno 1.4 update and Temporal API, Web Components, difference between Svelte 4 vs 5, text animation with CSS. Can’t agree more with the post “Don’t log me in”. Also, website with 200K icons in one place, easy to use.
  • Friday Issue #97 | 26/1/2024
    Happy 40th birthday, Mr Macintosh! This week has loads of CSS posts, including a great one about Scroll-Driven Animation, CSS specificity, border-image prop and fancy codePen example for inspiration. JavaScript has an AHA stack, React in 2024 and an exciting post about Tuple types.
  • Friday Issue #96 | 19/1/2024
    Typesafe route handler for the NextJS, htmx, Astro 4.2 is out, Vue 3 component library Element Plus, CSS has() property with excellent examples and a fun story about IE content rating system
  • Friday Issue #95 | 12/1/2024
    All you need to know about URL parts in one comprehensive article, Imperative vs Declarative, JS Quirks, CSS @Property, AI Town, The package that broke NPM
  • Friday Issue #94 | 5/01/2024
    6 CSS snippets for every front-end dev, weird hacks history, an example of JS generators, rising Stars on the FE trends and weird HTML hacks history
  • Friday Issue #93 | 22/12/2023
    You don’t need Lodash anymore, Pico CSS, date-fns, SCSS collection, new linter Oxlint and solid article on Web performance. CSS subgrid and how to use it
  • Friday Issue #92 | 15/12/2023
    Astro 4.0 is out, SvelteKit V2, SVG advent calendar, Old Web, amazing example of Credit Card and the year Twitter died, HTML bad parts.
  • Friday Issue #91 | 8/12/2023
    This week has few but exciting news. Astro is going strong, as well as Remix. StyleX is open-sourced and a few interesting CSS articles.
  • Friday Issue #90 | 1/12/2023
    This week presents Vite 5, a video from Evan You about the state of Vue and Vite, a very pleasant article about infinite Canvas
  • Friday Issue #89 | 24/11/2023
    This week has brought fantastic posts about React Server Components and a few CSS news from CSS Nesting to Rem vs PX. Also, check the last article. It is quite a fantastic experiment with two browser windows.
  • Friday Issue #88 | 17/11/2023
    Last week, an Angular update came out. I’m still looking for some good overview articles. This week, Vite 5.0 is out. But do our users always have JavaScript? That question is answered below.
  • Friday Issue #87 | 10/11/2023
    This week brings the Latest Angular, amazing animations with WebGL, ECMAScript Decorators, DFlex and more.
  • Friday Issue #86 | 3/11/2023
    NextJS VS Remix created some drama, an exciting article about Web Components, some internet artefacts, Radix Vue, Yarn and more.
  • Friday Issue #85 | 27/10/2023
    I’m becoming a fan of the TansTack family. They just released v5 for the Query with loads of improvements. For my current project, I re-wrote Tables using Tanstack, and that was a great experience; other than that, there is plenty to read and even one fun article down the line.
  • Friday Issue #84 | 20/10/2023
    Another week with loads of news. Also, there is pretty mixed news from “naming in programming” to the oldest bug (22 years!). Intriguing, right? 🙂
  • Friday Issue #83 | 13/10/2023
    This week represents a mixed bag of everything, from nice animations to the end of FE development. Definitely get your max-size coffee cup to get through all of this.
  • Friday Issue #82 | 6/10/2023
    Next vs Remix, Astro and Multipage Navigation, Angular renaissance and JS Crush game.
  • Friday Issue #81 | 29/10/2023
    This week, there are many interesting posts, including Vanilla JS Reactivity, Array Grouping methods, Swup, the NodeJS mascot, Bun Yarn, and Svelte 5.
  • Friday Issue #80 | 22/09/2023
    We have Remix V2 out, and Svelte becomes magical as they start using Runes, which makes Twitter go crazy. Safari 17 is also out and has loads of updates.
  • Friday Issue #79 | 15/9/2023
    Mysterious [].every(), NodeJS supports ENV files, Puck and Plock, Math lib, SmolCSS and WordPress for hundred years.
  • Friday Issue #78 | 8/9/2023
    This week brings news on Astro, Firefox improved Vue performance by 40%, why you don’t need to learn Svelte and more news.
  • Friday Issue #77 | 1/09/2023
    This week discusses Array Types, Better-select components, Object Composer, CSS Shadows and more.
  • Friday Issue #76 | 25/08/2023
    Excellent story about Dropbox, Web Components, Barba.js as well as post about Algorithms and Data Structures, React Suspense. Also, check in CSS news Bezier Curves - crazy good post!
  • Friday Issue #75 | 18/08/2023
    Very opinionated read about React (first one), CSS size units in a condensed and clean way and Energy saving concepts. Happy Reading!
  • Friday Issue #74 | 4/08/2023
    This week focuses on some CSS features - CSS Nesting, Light/Dark Theme and Randomness in CSS. My personal favourite is this post - “Writing CSS in 2023”
  • Friday Issue #73 | 28/07/2023
    Since this is summertime, let's keep it short. 🙂 Definitely check View Transitions and Scroll-driven animations; both look awesome
  • Friday Issue #72 | 21/07/2023
    What is true size of NPM package, CSS library based on CSS variables and fantastic free icons library Lucide
  • Friday Issue #71 | 14/7/2023
    Douglas Crockford on DOM, however, Lea Verou’s answer is perfect: product tour with Driver.js, CSS-only scroll animations, and what are colour gamuts anyway?
  • Friday Issue #70 | 07/07/2023
    Is it a good idea to use SVG in JS? Solid Principles in JavaScript, Common JS and a fun article about package.json.
  • Friday Issue #69 | 30/06/2023
    TansTack Table pushed V8 out, and solid article on Svelte and another set of SVG icons.
  • Friday Issue #68 | 23/06/2023
    React Server components in under 7 minutes, add motion to your App, improve on TypeScript and be surprised by some CSS features.
  • Friday Issue #67 | 16/06/2023
    This week brings KV.JS - an advanced in-memory caching module, StackOverflow survey, Container Queries and article about CSS nesting
  • Friday Issue #66 | 9/06/2023
    The mixed section has more attention than usual, mainly due to Safari updates. What’s new in Angular, collection of React Hooks, Svelte Smart Doc
  • Friday Issue #65 | 2/06/2023
    Node.js's 14th birthday and ten years since Reactjs. Drawing shapes with one function, Inkline, Aimless - randomness library, Svelvet, how to create a dark mode
  • Friday Issue #64 | 26/05/2023
    This week brings some conerns about Bun, Processing Array with for-of, reduce() and flatMap(). Blink tag has reached its end.
  • Friday Issue #63 | 19/05/2023
    JavaScript Weirdness, Deopt explorer, Bun Builder, another state management for React - Legend State, jQuery3.7.0 and Scoped CSS
  • Friday Issue #62 | 11/05/2023
    Astro is going strong and reached 2.4, a controversial article about Remix, CSS Zen Garden celebrates 20(!) years. This week brings loads of interesting CSS articles, including about Scrollbar, Anchor position and Zen Garden.
  • Friday Issue #61 | 05/05/2023
    Using Maps and WeakMaps, a very handy tool - RegExGPT, Qwik v1.0, UX dark pattern study, scoped CSS and fancy animation examples