Friday Issue Nr. 100 | 16/2/2024

I can call it a weekly addiction to Front-end news by looking at the Issue number. In any case, exciting news this week. Set() is getting “SQL” syntax power, another framework, Hono, I never knew has already v4; adding favicons is getting simpler, and don’t be that guy as the last article.

JavaScript News

Union, intersection, difference and more

In JavaScript new Map() and new Set() are very handy objects. Now Set() is getting a bunch of new methods like union,  intersection,  difference,  symmetricDifference,  isSubsetOf,  isSupersetOf, and  isDisjointFrom.

Hono v4.0.0

Another interesting SSG, but not only that. It can use HTMX and Alpine.js.


Vue devtools v6.6.0

With fresh UI

CSS News

How to Favicon in 2024

You probably don’t need favicon generator websites to get a blob with outdated code. Few lines and few images will do the work.

In Praise of Buttons

It is a good story about buttons. In any case, that flat design is pushing too far.

Center a div

Another fantastic post from Josh. Incredible detail for each post, with plenty of live examples and great explanations for every property mentioned in the post.

Mixed News

Evolution of the scrollbar

Very nicely presented content.

Gemini 1.5

This one made me think. If (theoretically, of course) I could add a project to Gemini, could I ask questions like “Find all duplications, Create new component based on X component but with Y model input…”? (3 min)

Don’t be that Guy

This post has a good proposal for Q&A sessions after the talk.