Friday Issue Nr. 102 | 1/03/2024

This week brings some thoughts on Tailwind CSS vs Semantic CSS, big news on Remix, how big your average website’s JavaScript is, a deep dive into View Transitions, and a few interesting pieces in mixed news.

JavaScript News

Remix V.2.7.0

It comes with stable Vite support, SPA mode, Cloudflare Pages support and more.

Size of the websites

This is fun research but a slightly sad one. How much JavaScript do you need for a simple website? 12MB, Gmail: 20MB, but those are not the winners. LinkedIn did surprise me and Slack even more.

Instant Search Params with React Server Components

That is a very nice post with the result and code.


Collection of Vue composables for creative coding.


Rendering emails with Svelte

Well, not only was Svelte used in the process, but the journey to find a solution was fascinating.

CSS News

TailwindCSS vs Semantic CSS

In my info bubble, I suddenly noticed two posts from different sources. Both triggered my curiosity. The thing is, I’m not Tailwind fun because I do not get it. I know how to use it, but why would I use it? So, I’m delighted there are others who have the same questions.

This one has an example between two pages - one is made by TailwindCSS, and the other using that “old school” CSS.


Although I’m not fond of Tailwind style CSS frames, if that is the trend, it probably makes sense to acknowledge similar frames. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind at some point.

Minimal CSS Framework for Semantic HTML

So, first of all, there is no need for any build tool; just add CSS and, of course, go with your design.

View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes.

As usual, this is a fantastic, step-by-step post from Jake Archibald on the View Transitions and how to fix different sizes, texts, and animations to make seamless transitions.

Mixed News

Codrops demos

Collection of 500+ unique demos

For example, this one is impressive:

Transparent laptop?

17 Equations that Changed the World - Rewritten in JavaScript

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