Friday Issue Nr. 104 | 15/03/2024

Safari 17.4 added a Switch tag and a few more exciting features. A fun-to-read conversation between Ryan (Remix) and Rich (Svelte) about the future of the Frontend and Utopia (CSS), a filter example using CSS:has(), and—by the way—CSS is Logical!

JavaScript News

TypeScript 5.4

Eloquent JavaScript (4th Edition, 2024)

Free book

Safari 17.4

There is <input type="checkbox" switch />, which for Safari would show as a Switch and for the other browsers as a Checkbox, and it works now.

Remember <hr/> tag? Now, it will have a second life and is restored into the <select /> tags.

The best bit (probably) is that finally, after zillions of years, we have simple div {align-content: centre}, which will centre any content without Flexbox. How many different techniques were used to get that content into the centre? With the Flexbox, it is dead simple, and now all you need is block elements like DIV and one-liner CSS.

SvelteKit vs Remix

So, Ryan Florence (Remix) asked other devs to create the same demo with their respective frames.

Then Rich Haris (Svelte) created his version. I say this is a bit of cheating as Rich might have missed the idea that you MUST request DB content, where he just downloaded the whole DB in the front end. Anyways, the convo is fun to read.

Navigating the future of frontend

Friday’s long read.

CSS News

Utopia - Fluid Responsive Design

This is a very elegant approach, and if properly connected with Designers and developers, it could make the design/development process super smooth.

Fantastic 3D effects on scroll

Use :has() to filter items by category using checkboxes, no JS is harmed

Perfect use case for the :has() selector.

CSS Tooltips and Speech Bubbles

Not sure what is going to be in part 2, but this part is massive and very detailed. Good Friday’s read.

CSS is Logical

No arguments here!

Mixed News

Devaluing Frontend

Marking the Web’s 35th Birthday: An Open Letter

Author: Tim Berners-Lee

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