Friday Issue Nr. 106 | 05/04/2024

Bun 1.1 is now on Windows, also Angular + Wiz with the official announcement and CSS container queries described in an excellent post. There is slightly old news about Affinity and Canva. Also, there is a good resource for accessibility checks and front-end identity crises.

JavaScript News

A proposal to add Signals to the JavaScript

It is interesting how JavaScript frameworks might improve JavaScript itself. Obviously, this is a very early stage, but it seems like a good proposal.

Bun 1.1

Bun supports Windows, which is a huge milestone, as well as speed improvement and the Shell, to mention a few upgrades.

See your favourite web in 3D

If you want to see a website as a 3D DOM representation, this code snippet can help. Copy and paste it into your console and enjoy. I remember Firefox having this built-in feature many years ago, but it was removed at some point. Based on the comments, it might work best in Firefox.

Angular + Wiz

Now, this is official.

Gulp v5


Elegant dependency injection container for vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript


9kb tiny Calendar component

CSS News

Learn how to use CSS container queries today

This is probably one of the best post about container queries.

CSS tips

Random ~140 CSS tips, quite a good ones, actually.

Could SCSS be replaced with CSS?

This is probably true. However, I like to “scope” related component elements and props, but CSS nesting is not there yet. That is perhaps the only thing that matters to me. Mixins are great but can quickly grow CSS size. In any case, CSS is awesome!

Mixed News

Canva + Affinity

This might not be good news for Affinity users.

Gov UK design system

If you are lost in aria fields, this system can help with good hints.

Front-end development’s identity crisis

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