Friday Issue Nr. 107 | 12/05/2024

A couple of good posts about Svelte, a visually appealing JavaScript playground, VitePress, and a good overview of DevTools. Also, CSS has a few interesting reads about Units, animations, and the framework Bulma 1.0, which I didn’t know anything about.

JavaScript News

Visualised Promise Execution

VitePress 1.0

VitePress is built on top of Vite and Vue. It is a Static Site Generator (SSG) that takes Markdown, applies a theme and generates static HTML.

Very nice JavaScript Playground

Building a Micro HTMX SSR Framework

It looks like HTMX won’t go away, and developers love it. Definitely, there is a use case for HTMX.

From React to Svelte in three weeks

As a Svelte hobbyist, I agree with this post!

“Svelte is way more fun to code than React, though I think it’s going to become even more fun when Svelte 5 is released”.

Frontend Development Beyond React

This is the first post in the series, starting with Svelte.

DevTools Tips & Tricks

CSS News

Bulma 1.0

CSS framework. No JavaScript is needed, and it is easy to start and use it.

Folding the DOM

Josh Comeau wrote another excellent article. There is also a fantastic demo with a 3D shooter done with CSS and HTML.

When to use Absolute length units

Speaking about units, here is a good overview of vh, dvh, lvh and svh units.

Creating wavy circles with fancy animations in CSS

2D and 3D animations using CSS with interactive examples

Mixed News

The things users would appreciate in mobile apps

This is a UX article, but I find it very valuable. It has good examples of form usage, select boxes, viewports, keyboards, etc.

Why should developers write?

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