Friday Issue Nr. 109 | 26/04/2024

What a time to live! CSS can detect JS, and Node, PNPM, and Astro have new versions. Interesting idea about Masonry for CSS and a good post about HTML vs DOM attributes.

JavaScript News

JSR is not another package manager

Post from Ryan Dahl (Creator of Node.js and Deno)

Find that copy-pasted code

Also, IDE (at least Webstorm) automatically shows copy-pasted code.

Detect JavaScript support in CSS

Remember those days when you added the CSS class “no-js” in the body tag, and once JS was loaded, it would remove “no-js” so you could use other styles? Well, now you don’t need to do that.

@media (scripting: enabled) {
  .my-element {
    /* enhanced styles if JS is available */

Node.js 22

PNPM v9.0.0

Interesting facts about latency numbers

Astro 4.7

  • Improved Dev Toolbar API

  • Update checker

  • AllowJs

CSS News

CSS Shape

Collection of Shapes made with CSS.

CSS Masonry

We have Display: block, inline, flexbox, and grid. Maybe there is a way to add something like Waterfall or Masonry. Jen Simmons wrote amazing post about this.

HTML attributes vs DOM properties

Here is example from the article:

<div foo="bar">…</div>
  const div = document.querySelector('div[foo=bar]');

  console.log(div.getAttribute('foo')); // 'bar'
  console.log(; // undefined = 'hello world';

  console.log(div.getAttribute('foo')); // 'bar'
  console.log(; // 'hello world'

Mixed News

The Front-end Handbook 2024

Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things

If you like UI/UX you will love this post too.

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