Friday Issue Nr. 110 | 3/04/2024

Svelte 5 finally arrived at the Release Candidate stage! Also, React 19 Beta is here, as is an interesting HTMX review. Apparently, you can describe music notes with CSS, great scroll-driven animation examples, fluid typography and more.

JavaScript News

Why Vite is so popular?

The post goes into detail about why Front-end chooses Vite, but in a nutshell:

Open Source and independent

Blazing fast for development with Hot Reload

Most frameworks use Vite by default

Out-of-the-box support for TypeScript, PostCSS, JSON, WASM and more

React 19 Beta

This release is for the Libraries to prepare for React 19.

Not as exciting as v19, but there is also an update for v18.

React 18.3.0:

Svelte 5 Release Candidate

I believe it when I see it 🙂 But this gives some hope. Also, it's not entirely true that the switch is simple. I definitely ran into problems and decided to wait until the full release.

HTMX review

Quite a good review of the pros and cons of HTMX.

CSS News

Describing music with CSS Grid

Ok, this is quite amazing how far you can push things with CSS. However, I am not sure how one would manage all that without some CMS as HTML becomes really complex, but still really nicely done.

CSS highlight pseudos

The built-in highlights are ::selection, ::target-text, ::spelling-error and ::grammar-error. The post explains how to use them and what exactly is highlighted.

Scroll-driven animation examples

This one deserves bookmarking as loads of interesting examples.

Things that can break aspect-ratio in CSS

This is a very good post on some “issues.” Chris explains all those strange behaviours, which, in the end, make sense. For example, setting image width and not height or letting flex box stretch items would cancel aspect-ratio.

Quick Accessibility Tweaks

Very good reminder about semantic HTML. For example, replace DIVs with <header/> <footer/><nav/><main/> , tab index tweak for in-page navigation, built-in accordions and HTML popovers.

A11Y style guide

A really good resource when creating components

Here is a whole gallery of similar resources:

Amazing CodePen example

Letterfall. Incredible smoothness of animation. Also, you can zoom in and rotate the scenery.

CSS vendor prefixes

I’m not sure when I used any prefixes lately, but indeed, most of them are just obsolete, and that is good!

Fluid typography with clamp() Function

Mixed News

The Sun’s corona in exquisite detail

It has nothing to do with Front-end but the video really is taking my breath away.

2024 Q2 Apple Results

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