Friday Issue Nr. 112 | 24/05/2024

This week's newsletter is a diverse mix of content, including a chess game or JS quiz, hot news on Remix + React Router and Angular 18 for the developers, another Music Library for the music lovers, anchor positioning, and a thrilling detective story on a stolen subdomain for the mystery fans.

JavaScript News

Why should you use JSDocs?

Deno wrote a good post on JSDocs. “While a good README answers “why should I use your package?”, good documentation should answer “how can I use your package?”.

React Compiler (Experimental)

YT good summary:

Merging Remix and React Router

Angular 18

Coding handwriting

Amazing experiment to convert text into handwritten letters with JavaScript. My only comment is that I couldn’t achieve that as my handwriting is awful.

Is Next.js more complicated to use?

Music Library

Another notes library, but this one not only does show the notes, but it also plays music. Also, the guitar sounds funny, but it is good enough to help understand the flow.

Vue fluid DnD (not the draggons)

Pretty nice drag-and-drop animations for simple use cases.

React Chessboard



JavaScript daily quiz

CSS News

Chrome 125

With a bunch of other things, Chrome has enabled CSS anchor positioning. This will let you build, for example, popover in a declarative way without the use of JavaScript.

Pure CSS Solar system with trigonometric functions

Font size on the web

Deep dive into how Airbnb approached font-size challenges and used REM for fonts but not layouts.

CSS container queries

Chris Coyer on container query usage and why we are not using them (yet).

Preview your type scale

Fantastic resource which will help you create font types with clamp() and make all the font sizes.

Mixed News

Detective story

Apparently, it is possible to take over your subdomain in specific situations. My question is, how can you discover that some random subdomain is pointing to a deleted AWS bucket?

Design System Checklist

Tips to improve your personal website

It is more like a reminder about the benefits of a static website, reduced JavaScript, images in modern format, and so on.

Web performance

Just a reminder that 5G is not everywhere and it is important to keep Web pages slim or otherwise business will suffer.

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