Friday Issue Nr. 62 | 11/05/2023

Astro is going strong and reached 2.4, a controversial article about Remix, CSS Zen Garden celebrates 20(!) years. This week brings loads of interesting CSS articles, including about Scrollbar, Anchor position and Zen Garden.

JavaScript News

Free TypeScript Tutorials

I haven’t checked them, but they claim they are free. Let us know if you tried and find them useful

Astro 2.4

Why you don’t need Signals in React

Actually, that turned out to be a clickbait article 🙂

Apparently, the suggested solution is to use Jotai

Which looks similar to Zustand:

Remix - the bad parts

If you are into Remix or thinking about it, you might like this article a lot. A bit of a cold shower is always good to have!

CSS News

CSS Zen Garden

I'm not sure how many of you remember this website.

Many years ago, it was quite an inspirational place to see the possibilities you can achieve with simple CSS. I mean, the time when IE6 (Internet Explorer, yes, being sarcastic) was the THING.

Well, the start of that website was some 20 years ago!

Future CSS: Anchor Positioning

It's a long read, but it's worth skimming and checking short videos with examples of what is already possible (Chrome Canary’s experimental implementation). Pretty wild!

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars

I don’t know if styling the scrollbar is a good or bad idea; it's probably annoying for me. Some websites have great examples, but they are mostly annoying. I prefer when I do not see a scrollbar at all. The author goes into depth on the subject.

CSS only fire

Quite amazing:

Mixed News

Ongoing defence of Frontend as a full-time job

Fascinating read. Any thoughts on this? I noticed a lack of basic HTML and CSS knowledge in many projects, leading to accessibility issues, broken layouts and hard-to-manage CSS.

Frontend developers are:

  • Browser performance experts

  • Cross-platform development experts

  • Accessibility experts

  • Compliance knowledgeable

  • The design and Test departments are connected

  • Fiercely dedicated to the end user

Your first unit test

Good one if you never wrote a unit test or set it up from scratch.