Friday Issue Nr. 63 | 19/05/2023

Lately, I have more news about CSS streaming in my news bubble than anything else. The latest changes with all the latest properties give developers endless design possibilities. But let's start with JavaScript first. 🙂

JavaScript News

This lovely article about JavaScript weirdness

VS code extension -Deopt Explorer will show you V8 insights

Quite interesting to browse open-sourced Chat UI app, which is written in Svelte

The Bun Builder. The speed of Bun is incredible (220x faster than Webpack?). Take a look:

Legend-State - and here we go again, another State management for React.

Also, it looks straightforward and claims to be the fastest in the State Management family.

Exploring reactivity across various frameworks. Very nice article. I recommend checking it.

jQuery 3.7.0

jQuery 3.7.0 is out. I haven’t used jQuery for years, but I fondly remember it. Probably I only fell in love with JavaScript because of jQuery. In any case, they are still going strong, and I bet there are cases for it.

JSDoc when you are in a hurry

Cute and tiny Reactive UI Framework without React/JSX (1.2KB)

“VanJS is the scripting language for UI, just like bash is the scripting language for a terminal.”

Solid ReactUI library with all the possible UI elements, like gallery, chart.js, table elements and data. It has designs with Figma. However, those come with a price.

CSS News

Here are the latest CSS properties in one massive list with a short description and use cases

Even longer list from Chrome Devs:

Scoped CSS. This is a powerful concept. Currently under flag, but it makes sense to start learning it.

Spinning Cube, animations with pure CSS and possible practical use.

Drawing coffee stain with CSS? Why not.

Case study - How we built the Storybook Day 3D animation