Friday Issue Nr. 64 | 26/05/2023

Lately, I have more news about CSS streaming in my news bubble than anything else. The latest changes with all the latest properties give developers endless design possibilities. But let's start with JavaScript. 🙂

JavaScript News

Last week, I mentioned Bun, and here is its use case. Spoiler. It is fast, but there are some Beta feelings when using it in the wild.

An extensive list of scenarios where JavaScript could fail to load or execute properly.

Astro 2.5 has been released with loads of new features.

A Web Component intro with Example

Learning in the depth of three methods for processing Arrays


CSS News

Why are we bad at CSS? This is a good one to read. It reminds me of my path when I learned jQuery and did pretty cool things but didn’t know the basics of JavaScript. I have had a painful experience with Bootstrap projects where CSS is mixed with Bootstrap. It usually ends up with Bootstrap CSS, Override CSS (~300KB) and then on top custom component CSS. Nobody can touch any CSS as you can break something, so it grows.

By the way, <blink/> element is removed from the public docs. I didn’t even find a reason to use it ever. Now I never will.

Interesting find. There is an overflow block media query. This could be a good one for accessibility when some content is overflowing the wrapper. However, not entirely sure how it works. As per Mozilla's example, it has red text no matter what I do.

@media (overflow-block: scroll) {
  p {
    color: red;

Mixed News

DNS concepts. Very nicely done website with loads of info.

TypesScript for Tiny IoT Devices.