Friday Issue Nr. 65 | 2/06/2023

Node.js's 14th birthday and ten years since Reactjs. Drawing shapes with one function, Inkline, Aimless - randomness library, Svelvet, how to create a dark mode

JavaScript News

300ms Faster: Reducing Wikipedia's Total Blocking Time

The evolution of React patterns

Quite a long but nice article. If you are into React, you will enjoy this one

Drawing shapes with one function

This is a fun article. After 2 min reading, you will learn to draw any (nearly) shape.

14 years of Node.js

Yep, apparently, this is the age of the Node.js

Ten years of React

If that doesn’t make you feel old, I don’t know what will. There is an exciting interview to listen to as well.

Inkline 4.0 - UI component library for Vue.js

Looks nice, and the code is very readable.


The missing JS randomness library. If nothing more, I would say the name is great. Also, the size is pretty tiny - 6KB.


Interactive, node-based UIs and diagrams in Svelte

CSS News

Mastering CSS Blend Modes

Basically, simplified Photoshop in CSS

Bootstrap 5.3.0

How to create Dark Mode

Vertical rhythm using CSS lh and rlh units

It's an exciting read, but beware, this uses CSS4, and support is not there yet.

Mixed News

JavaScript Macros in Bun

With Bun, you can run macros at the build time, and the result is directly inlined into your code