Friday Issue Nr. 67 | 16/06/2023

StackOverflow Survey is out, and there is a lot to take in! Besides that there is a few more stories: KV.JS - an advanced in-memory caching module, StackOverflow survey, Container Queries and article about CSS nesting

JavaScript News

Developer Survey by StackOverflow

Ok, this graph is interesting: Phoenix, Svelte, ASP.NET, Solid


“NakedJSX is a command-line tool for generating HTML files from JSX. The output is pure HTML and CSS - unless you choose to add your own JavaScript.”

For quick prototyping, this could be a nice helper.


Advanced in-memory caching module for JavaScript.

It is like using DB but without DB.

Running Promises in Parallel: A Visual Guide

A very nicely done article. After skimming this one, you be familiar with async, await, Promise.all, .allSettled etc.

CSS News

Container queries best practice

“Whenever you use container queries, make sure you wrap the element with a container element.”

Comment component (long read)

Quite a journey on how to make a Component with modern CSS. Interesting approach using inline CSS variable like so <li style="--nested:true;">

HTML gotchas of CSS nesting

Mixed News

VS IntelliSense list can now steer GitHub Copilot code completions

Web Apps on MacOS Sonoma 14 beta