Friday Issue Nr. 68 | 23/06/2023

This week, you can learn about React Server components in under 7 minutes, add motion to your App, improve on TypeScript and be surprised by some CSS features.

JavaScript News

Svelte 4

I’m curious about this Framework! Luckily, I have one PoC aligned up and will use Svelte. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

While on Svelte, here is Threlte, renderer and component lib for Svelte to build and render three.js scenes.


“The WURFL Query REST API enables you to programmatically access WURFL information based on device names and features.”

React Server components in under 7 minutes

Add motion to your apps with a single line of code


Maybe it is worth bookmarking a page. Popular JS libraries are compared in one table, but the best part is: “No build tools, no compilers, and no hassle.”

TypeScript new keyword: using

Positioning anchored popovers

CSS News

The New CSS

Interesting article. Maybe designers want to consider and use CSS to create designs.

“I learned CSS as a tool for doing designing and that’s how I see design. Design is a thought process […] and it’s a very abstract thing where you’re just trying to achieve something. And you pick up tools along the way to do that. So, Figma might be a tool and Photoshop might be a tool, but also, CSS could be a tool.”

Do not drop Sass for CSS

Another good one for a Friday’s list.

Modern CSS in Real Life

I have to admit. I only skimmed this one as it is a very, very long one. However, I’m bookmarking it for some rainy days. It is time to dive into CSS logical properties:

Spaces Toggle Logic

Tell me again that CSS is not a programming language…

Mixed News

What is a CDN?

AI starter kit for building AI Side projects

Thoughts on Safari spatial computing

“It’s 2023 and would you look at that: semantic, accessible HTML is still as important as ever.”