Friday Issue Nr. 69 | 30/06/2023

This week brings two online games. You can learn Flexbox in one; the other is simply a fun journey with passwords. If that is not enough, then TansTack Table pushed V8 out, and solid article on Svelte and another set of SVG icons.

JavaScript News

TanStack Table v8

In the current project, we are trying some PoC with Tables. So far, we have built all tables in React from scratch but now looking for different solutions. TansTack Headless tables look pretty exciting and also very popular. So far, I’m quite impressed with the simplicity of using them. The best part is full control of UI, which means we can accommodate any design.

React Ecosystem in 2023

An extensive list of goodies.

Handle Idle Users

This might be a handy addition to your app when you want to auto-refresh an app if a user returns after some while. Basically, it detects activity and reacts to that.

Thoughts on Svelte

Excellent Friday’s article:

Why doesn’t TS properly type Object.keys?

CSS News

The fun way to learn Flexbox

Since it is Friday, why not spend 20 minutes playing a game?

While on games, here is the Password Game. I only manage to pass Rule 8.

MDN Playground

Well, why not?

The good line-height

Helper tool to figure out the best line height, taking into account the X-point baseline

Mixed News

Developer Browser Sizzy

It probably does all that Firefox or Chrome Dev tool, plus more. For example, you can override fonts and styles and take screenshots, gifs, and videos as if on the device. Primarily for UI viewport testing, as it doesn’t simulate the native browser engine. The underlying renderer is Chromium

Opens-source SVG icons

Bug at the NPM - scary story!

console.log turbo version for VS

PS. Those who use Webstorm in code write a log and hit TAB.