Friday Issue Nr. 70 | 07/07/2023

This week has fewer articles, but I still found a few good ones. My favourite was about SVG in JS, Solid Principles and the last one for Friday’s fun reading. Enjoy! 🙂

JavaScript News

6 Advanced TS tricks


Nice deep dive about issues using SVG directly in JS.

Solid Principles in JavaScript

One of the best articles about the subject

Common JS

They are two contradictory articles, and both have good points.

CommonJS is hurting JS:

CommonJS is not going away:

Intro to the View Transitions API

CSS News

State Container Queries

Mixed News

Popular DevTools tips

A pretty good list, worth scrolling through, about useful DevTools Tips and Tricks!

Figma to React | HTML | Bootstrap | SomethingElse()

Has anyone already played with something like CopyCat or similar plugins for Figma?

Fun Article: JavaScript Gom Jabbar