Friday Issue Nr. 71 | 14/7/2023

If nothing else, take a look at the Component Party, a great resource to compare the frameworks. Also, Douglas Crockford wrote the opinionated article. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

JavaScript News

Component party

Now this one is solid gold! You can compare components side by side between 13 different FE Frameworks!

Understanding the exclamation mark in TypeScript

A really good article which explains ! in TypeScript as well as how to create type predicates in TS and more.

Somehow strange note from Douglas Crockford

I can only agree with Lea Verou in her Tw response

Product tour with driver.js

This looks quite a good helper when you want to add a Demo Tour (explanation) for your App.

CSS News

CSS-only scroll animations

Excellent post with a great explanation and nice example too. Scroll-Driven Animations is an experimental feature, but seeing what will soon be available is still nice!

Fit-to-Width Text

This looks a bit like some magic but still worth to skim:

Tricky floating image alignment

Old school technique mixed with CSS Grid and fancy margin-top: 50 + transform: translateY(-50%) to get content back.

The viewport units vw, vh, vmin and vmax in detail

Mixed News

What are colour gamuts?

Wide gamut colour. What is a gamut? Why should I care?

Self-closing tags in HTML

Another nice article by Jake Archibald. I was huge xHTML fun in those dark ages, but it was so great to get HTML5. “Folks even include the space before the /, which was added for compatibility with a browser engine from the previous millennium.”