Friday Issue Nr. 72 | 21/07/2023

Happy Friday, and happy reading! This is probably the earliest post ever. 🙂 Starting early, I will cover 1400 miles driving through Europe. Therefore, I’m posting this early and switching my machine off!

JavaScript News


Find out the true size of an npm package, and installation is happening in-browser using WebContainers.

TypeScript and the dawn of gradual types

Fascinating long read about the Typescript journey and alternatives.

Also, this one

CSS News

CSS library based on CSS variables

Quite a different approach for styling.

Writing CSS in 2023

Icon collection

This icon collection is great, as you can use it in Notion too. You can adjust colour and path size and copy as JSX, SVG or string. Also, as a component for React, Svelte, Angular and Vue.

Animated SVG logo

Mixed News

What is page bloat?

Create entire websites from prompts

I'm sceptical about Wix; so far, the result of their product is very clumsy. Try to resize the website built by Wix, and it just doesn't work well. However, it is interesting to see how they are evolving; who knows, maybe web development will be very different soon enough.


I think this is one of the best I've seen online:

Check the demo link, too!