Friday Issue Nr. 73 | 28/07/2023

Happy Friday! Since this is summertime, let's keep it short. 🙂 Definitely check View Transitions and Scroll-driven animations; both look awesome! Also, Astro View Transitions Shrinking VS Code by 20% is worth your time.

JavaScript News

Astro 2.9: View Transitions

Ok, this is still experimental, but it looks awesome. You can create an App style transition from one element to another without JavaScript. This is still experimental and quirky, but probably not for long.


Magic in detail:

Remix for Shopify Apps

“Remix is now the recommended way to build Admin apps on Shopify. With Remix, you get a best-in-class developer experience while ensuring exceptional out-of-the-box performance for your app.”

Shrinking VS Code with name mangling

Truly Friday’s article! Excellent long read about the VS Code team and how they came up with a solution to reduce their code by 20%.

JavaScript Playground

An elegant and clean playground.

Good code is like a love letter…

Excellent article from Addy Osmani

CSS News

TAC: A new CSS methodology

Very interesting approach. I'm a big fun on different CSS approaches and this one seems very clean.

Scroll-driven animations in CSS

Mixed News

Kuma UI

Another UI library.

“With Kuma UI's headless, zero-runtime UI components, build top-performing websites effortlessly, while enjoying the best developer experience. Say hello to the future of CSS-in-JS”

The Arc Browser Reaches v1.0

I never tried it, but it came into my news, so I am posting here, too