Friday Issue Nr. 74 | 4/08/2023

Happy Friday! Another week, another post. This week focuses on some CSS features - CSS Nesting, Light/Dark Theme and Randomness in CSS. My personal favourite is this post - “Writing CSS in 2023”. Also, Time Management from Mixed News felt like a good read.

JavaScript News

JSON to Types

I already made a post about this nice helper which converts JSON to types: (#53)

Apparently, you can also have it in VS code and generate types without leaving your IDE. Nice.

Why not Web Components?

CSS News

CSS and Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice

As it turns out, @prefers-color-scheme is one of the most widely used CSS Media features. Who would think?

CSS nesting

It seems like there are some moves towards a simpler CSS nesting option. CSS slowly becomes more like SCSS. Now you can nest without & symbol

When I say now, I mean this is in draft and will be added to Firefox 117, but I like the direction.

Writing CSS in 2023

Excellent article with quick reasoning for Container Queries, Grouping styles in Layers, :is() and :where(), colours, and user preferences

Example of how to create Light/Dark/Whatever theme

The title should probably be “another way to Create a Theme”. Interesting approach anyway

How to achieve Randomness in CSS

Quite an impressive animation with CSS

Speaking of randomness, here is the site which generates random CSS patterns. Not sure if it is useful, but checking the CSS might be interesting.

Mixed News

Prerender pages in Chrome

Managing your interrupt rate as a tech lead

Good points on time management