Friday Issue Nr. 75 | 18/08/2023

Happy Friday! Since I missed last week's newsletter, I filled this with several good articles. Very opinionated read about React (first one), CSS size units in a condensed and clean way and Energy saving concepts. Happy Reading!

JavaScript News

Things you forgot (or never knew) because of React

“React was designed seven Taylor Swift albums ago, for a world where John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston were still dating.”

Probably a bit opinionated, but a fresh view of React and where it stands today.

Blogged Answers: My Experience Modernising Packages to ESM

This is a solid Friday’s long read. I would say Friday’s Epic. After reading this, if you currently struggle with some build errors, you might feel a bit better.


They claim to make React.js much faster.

The claim:

Compilation of outstanding testing articles

Tool for finding memory leaks in Web apps




A tool to visualise package dependency graph

CSS News

Test your monitor refresh rate

This is fun! Also, one of my extended monitors has 60hz, and in CSS 120 and 60 showed as “true”.

Warning: flickering imagery, open at your discretion.

CSS Sizing Units

Probably this is the best article so far to explain all the units, such as

  • absolute units

  • , such as 

  • cm

  •  and 

  • px

  • font-relative units

  • , such as 

  • em

  •  and 

  • ch

  • viewport-relative units

  • , such as 

  • vw

  •  and 

  • vmin

  • container-relative units

  • , such as 

  • cqw

  •  and 

  • cqh

.. and more.

CSS smooth entry and exit animations

Maybe I missed something, but it used to be complicated to make CSS animation and remove elements by display: none as it would act immediately, unlike opacity, which you can “slow down”.

Mixed News

Introducing the Energy-Saving Concept of Lower Carbon Graphics

This is about TVs, but there are interesting findings and ways to save energy.

Beginner’s guide to Lists and how to make them accessible

Fundamental but useful info.

Long read about performance optimisation for Bookaway

I used to do loads of work for SEO. Therefore it was interesting to read it. However, it might be a bit longish.