Friday Issue Nr. 76 | 25/08/2023

This week came with loads of excellent and very diverse posts. Excellent story about Dropbox, Web Components, and Barba.js, as well as a post about Algorithms and Data Structures, React Suspense. Also, check in CSS news Bezier Curves - crazy good post!

JavaScript News

How Dropbox reduced JavaScript bundles by 33%

In short, Dropbox chose Rollup. It is not clear, why not Vite since it is based on the Rollup anyway.

Web Components

“The thing is, a lot of big companies are not on social media (Twitter/X, Reddit, etc.) trying to sell you on web components or teach you how to use them. On the other hand, there are plenty of tech influencers on Twitter busily keeping up to date with every minor version of React…”

Another useHooks collection for React

React Suspense in three different architectures

Algorithms and Data Structures Demonstrated in JS


I used this library many years ago, and it was already excellent. I'm glad to learn they are still going strong. With only 7kb, you can create SPA-like transitions for any website. Their website itself has loads of transitions and features.

Bun v0.8.0

Bun v0.8.0 adds debugger support, implements fetch streaming, and unblocks SvelteKit.

Looks like Bun is getting ready for v1 this September!

JSX without React

CSS News

Bezier Curves

Fantastic animation and a great explanation of the topic. If not reading, enjoy the animations.

TAG: CSS, Animations

Ideal Viewport

Well, the ideal viewport doesn’t exist. It is a nicely cooked website with fancy animations. However, the information is even more enjoyable. Good Friday’s read on accessibility!

Here is some more info on the same subject:

CSS Selectors visual guide

A bunch of CSS selectors with accommodating visual explanations. One of the selectors made me slightly jump. I didn’t know that this selector (*+*) is called a → Lobotomised owl. Crazy.

A blog post with every HTML element.

I opened it and scrolled but wasn’t able to read it through. It is not a post. It is a book. Nice effort, though.

How large DOM sizes affect interactivity, and what you can do about it

Mixed News

Cloud Computing in Green Way

This is a low-level way to reuse waste heat - a fun fact: the startup is based in Godalming, where Avanade has an office. I bet my Mac saves me already on heating when I run my current project.