Friday Issue Nr. 77 | 1/09/2023

Happy Friday, and happy reading! Unbelievable as it sounds, the summer is over. Congrats on the 1st of September! This week discusses Array Types, Better-select components, Object Composer, CSS Shadows and more.

JavaScript News

Object composer

"default-composer" is a JavaScript library that allows you to set default values for nested objects.

Better-select web component


JS private class fields are considered harmful

Array types in TypeScript

Array<string> or string[] ?

Image to Pixel

An editor to pixelate your favourite cat image. Actually, the result is pretty good!

CSS News

Three different ways on how to use shadow in CSS

This post describes an interesting technique which lets you drop the shadow of the shadow (for example).

State of CSS 2023 results

Why TailwindCSS “won”

I am still not convinced. Like with everything in the CSS world - it Depends on the use case.

Mixed News

Web Glossary

Some >3000 terms in one page. I'm not sure how useful it is, but browsing is fun.