Friday Issue Nr. 78 | 8/9/2023

This week brings news on Astro, Firefox improved Vue performance by 40%, why you don’t need to learn Svelte and more news.

JavaScript News

Astro 3.0

I bet you already saw the news about Astro. My only comment is that Svelte also added View Transitions, but according to Astro, Svelte is not the major Framework. However, I heard only good feedback about Astro, so congrats on their release! Also, they added Image Optimisation and improved Rendering performance.

Also, the transition spec Level 2 is out

On other Astro news - Astro Studio from 2024

“It's not a web hosting company. It's not a CMS. It's something entirely new for the web ecosystem and will be available exclusively for Astro. We're calling it: Astro Studio.”

Svelte View Transition

(This is not Svelte vs Astro, this post came up almost accidentally.)

While on Svelte:

You don’t need to learn Svelte

Because you already know it. I really suggest spending 5 minutes on this article, which will show you the main points of Svelte

How layout position impacts three big web performance levers

In short, not all Lazy loading is good, not all Async loading CSS is good, and, of course, there is a catch with the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) image.

Making Sense of React Server Components

Faster Vue.js Execution in Firefox

CSS News

Browse websites by the font they use

Honestly, this is not a way I usually find and visit a website, but it is not a bad use case.

Another great Case Study from Ahmad

Loads of scary calc() mixed with clam() and sprinkled with sticky positions. It's really good to read if you enjoy CSS.

SVG Shapes

Cute place. I probably spent a few minutes simply moving my cursor around the page. Be warned 🙂

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design

Old but still a good post:

CSS in JS slows down

I like this trend.

Mixed News

Create Chrome extension in 10 minutes

This is a very nice, sharp-to-the-point tutorial on how to create a simple Chrome extension

Information Architecture VS Sitemap