Friday Issue Nr. 80 | 22/09/2023

What a week! We have Remix V2 out, and Svelte becomes magical as they start using Runes, which makes Twitter go crazy. Safari 17 is also out and has loads of updates.

…and if that is not enough…

Happy 27th Birthday, JScript 1.0.

In September 1996, Microsoft implemented JavaScript into Internet Explorer 3.0 under the name of JScript 1.0.

JavaScript News


New week, Nue framework. I never tried or knew about it, but it came up in the news, so here we go.

Remix V2

Also, from Kent C. Dodds's full Epic Stack

Priority Hints

Svelte runes

So, Svelte introduced Runes, creating loads of fun on the internet. It seems like everybody has some argument about it. Fun to read.

Dan’s (ReactJS) tweet about the above:

It seems like Svelte is going from a Soft Magic System to a Hard Magic System based on Runes. (c) @jshurmer

Twitter goes wild on this latest change for Svelte. Comments are fun to read.

Reasonably great read about change in Svelte

To which Rich Harris replied in Tw 🙂

CSS News

How Custom Property Values are Computed

This excellent article explains in detail how values are computed in the browser, the pitfalls and how to support edge cases.

Background images with image-set()

Apparently, you can have a similar effect to srcset for a background image, too!

CSS reset

The latest version of CSS reset.

Threads CSS review by Ahmad

As usual, this is a very thorough analysis with loads of interesting discoveries

Mixed News

Safari 17

Safari added massive updates, including Search, Popover, Font-size-adjust and many more.

Future of the Front-end?

Vercel is experimenting with a UI building tool where you can make prompts like: “A landing page for my personal portfolio” or “a contact form”; the result would be a copy/paste component (React?) with TailwindCSS.