Friday Issue Nr. 81 | 29/10/2023

This week, there are many interesting posts, including Vanilla JS Reactivity, Array Grouping methods, Swup, the NodeJS mascot, Bun Yarn, and Svelte 5.

JavaScript News

Vanilla JavaScript Reactivity

Fantastic long-read! Review of different PubSub, Observer and other patterns from Rx.js, Solid, and more.

JavaScript Array Grouping Methods

Chrome added this as an experimental feature. However, it seems like we will have these methods available pretty soon. In any case, very nice article.

Swup: Page Transition Library

I only mentioned page transition a few weeks ago, and here we go - the library is out


NodeJS on a critical mission (kind of)

Apparently, NodeJS doesn’t have a mascot, and folks are trying to solve this issue

TypeScript Origins: The Documentary (1h 20m)

You might have already watched or heard about this movie. Comments are very welcoming in the YT channel. No, I haven’t watched it yet. I added it to my to-do list, but let me know your thoughts!

Bun, Yarn, and what can we learn

Very controversial and solid Friday’s long read. Take with caution.

I've been very hard on Bun in this post, not because it sucks, but because it's almost good. And people will be excited to try it out and not realize all the downsides. Again, just like with Yarn, I was pretty hyped for Bun too. But I've since tempered my excitement and looked at it from a practical, and historical, standpoint.

Svelte 5

Quite an interesting overview of the changes in Svelte.

The magic of Svelte isn't ‘let count = 0’, it's ‘count += 1’

CSS News

Cloudflare Fonts

Now you can use Google Fonts directly from your domain! That means speed and privacy are back!

Mixed News

Client-side JS library for ChatGPT

That website is very noticeable. I mean, hold on to your chair when you browse it.

Also, the library itself looks interesting with its API.

ChatGPT users can now browse the internet