Friday Issue Nr. 82 | 6/10/2023

Next vs Remix, Astro and Multipage Navigation, Angular renaissance and JS Crush game.

JavaScript News

Next vs Remix

A solid long-read about both Frameworks and their approaches.

Astro and Multi-Page Navigation with Browser View Transitions

For me, it feels like a magic. App-style navigation in the browser - fantastic!

Multiselect library

Looks really nice. You can use it with Vue, React or stand-alone. Only 4kb

Angular Renaissance

“For Angular veterans, Nicoll recommended against a rip-and-replace approach for in-production applications.”

I only wonder how many times Angular veterans have already rip-and-replace approaches for the same Framework?

Game time

JS Crush → pair loose equality values and win a game

CSS News

CSS Subgrid

It's time for a Flexbox game

Play this lovely game and improve your Flexbox skills in no time!

Textarea with auto-increasing height using CSS

This is an experimental CSS rule

textarea {
    form-sizing: normal;

Mixed News

Photoshop is now on the web

It is not the article about the excitement of Photoshop being on the web but rather how they got it there and what is actually behind the UI.

Chrome memory usage

I noticed that Chrome tabs gave me fancy information about memory usage last week. Luckily, Addy already made an article about it too.