Friday Issue Nr. 84 | 20/10/2023

Another week with loads of news. Also, there is pretty mixed news from “naming in programming” to the oldest bug (22 years!). Intriguing, right? 🙂


Naming in programming

Great advice on how to name things in programming.

Flowbite Svelte

The Svelte component library has everything you need for a solid WebApp.

Astro 3.3

New <Picture /> component

Syntax highlighting improvements

Package Provenance

Scroll-driven animations

This looks like fun to go through and learn.

QX82 - tiny JS engine that lets you create games

That brings some nostalgia 🙂

Responsive Table

It's probably not useful for a massive table. However, for a quick overview on mobile, it would work nicely.

Demo. Try resizing the table “Using container Queries.”

Chrome 118

There are quite a few improvements around dev tools. Improved and enhanced search, improved namings around the dev tool, new section for custom props and more

CSS News

When margins collapse

This is a fun article. I knew about margins’ vertical collapse, but I never thought to use <br/> tag between elements to increase margin. That’s like cheating, right?

CSS @Scope at-rule

Also, there is not much support for this selector yet.

When to nest CSS

There’s a simple answer and a slightly more complicated answer. The simple answer is “avoid nesting.” The more practical but also more complex answer is “nest pseudo-selectors, parent modifiers, media queries, and selectors that don’t work without nesting.”

CSS only pufferfish

Mixed News

How a 23-year-old first-time Firefox coder fixed a 22-year-old bug

Some bugs have a long life.

Fastest Human-Made Object: 394 000 MPH

I got sideways but found this article fascinating. Something humans made goes with a speed of 690,000 km/h.

Here is a wiki:

Using AI to summarise any podcast episode.

I like how Mike went from the itch to the product. Sadly, there is no code, but the story is still lovely.