Friday Issue Nr. 85 | 27/10/2023

I’m becoming a fan of the TansTack family. They just released v5 for the Query with loads of improvements. For my current project, I re-wrote Tables using, and that was a great experience; other than that, there is plenty to read and even one fun article down the line.

JavaScript News

TansTack Query v5

v5 continues the journey of v4, trying to make TanStack Query smaller (v5 is ~20% smaller than v4), better and more intuitive to use.

In case you don’t know TQ:

Modulo operator

Josh explored an interesting use case for the Modulo operator.

Ecma TC39 initiates a new task group to standardise source maps

TS: How to get types from arrays

Select Element with horizontal rules

“The select element gets a small but mighty upgrade in Chrome 119, with a feature that also landed in Safari 17.”

js13kGames 2023 winners

What is possible with tiny JS is amazing.

Svelte by example

This is a straightforward and nice tutorial on Svelte

CSS News

Andy Bell re-builds website

Fascinating post about the CSS approach. Learning about Fluid Type and Fluid Space, which create responsive designs, is especially interesting. He also shows rhythm “hacks” and font definitions.

CSS link hover effects

Different examples on hover plus explanations of how those are achieved.

Colour changing for SVG

CSS framework based on Material Design 3

Probably the name tricked me to open that link

Mixed News


If you are interested in design, then this is a fantastic resource to dive into.

Design tools

Online image and vector editors

Side project

This is Friday’s fun article. The UX expert will review your web project and ensure it is easy to use, even for a drunk person. 🙂 Quite a bizarre offer, but here we go: