Friday Issue Nr. 86 | 3/11/2023

NextJS VS Remix created some drama, an exciting article about Web Components, some internet artefacts, Radix Vue, Yarn and more.

JavaScript News

Why I won’t use NextJS

This post caused drama in Dev News. Those are fascinating points from Kent. However, Lee responded quickly.

And a response from Lee Robinson.

Next.JS 14

Nevermind above, and take a look at changes for the latest Next.JS

Remix 2.2 introduce Vite Support

Astro 3.4 Page partials

Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework

Does anyone use Web Components?

Radix Vue V1

Component library for Vue.

Yarn 4.0

Internet Artifacts

Here is a fun page about the first spam email, first smiley, first mp3 and so on:

CSS News

Exit animations

There is no way to animate an element that has been removed. Current solutions are hacky as you have to keep time in CSS animation and the same in JS with setTimeout. Not nice. The new proposal would make it simpler.

Naming CSS variables

Changing colours in SVG Element

The New CSS Math: rem() and mod()

It’s getting complicated…

Mixed News

Page Speed Reports

“…close look at how different performance tools audit and report on performance metrics, such as core web vitals. Different tools rely on different types of data that are capable of producing different results when measuring different performance metrics.”

Making Music with Google Sheets and Web MIDI API

Because, Why not?

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Browser

“To conclude, the core problem isn't that browsers are bad — it's more that browsers are not browser enough.”