Friday Issue Nr. 87 | 10/11/2023.

This week brings the Latest Angular, amazing animations with WebGL, ECMAScript Decorators, DFlex and more.

JavaScript News


Vite + Angular ⇒ AnalogJS

it is like a NextJS or SvelteKit but built on Angular.

Angular 17

Last month, Angular celebrated its 13th anniversary, and now the Angular team has pushed v17.

Mastering DOM manipulation with vanilla JS

ECMAScript Decorators

Fantastic Fridays long-read, much more than about decorators.

How to do a TS conversion

WebGL Fluid Simulation

This. Is. Fantastic.

DFlex: A Drag-and-drop library

A vanilla JS library for use with any Framework

or movable


An interactive visualiser to help you make your software faster. Drag and drop the profile file onto the window and get started.

Docusaurus 3.0

How about creating your own Space?


CSS News

CSS selectors

It's probably one of the most comprehensive lists. Nicely done

How to Animate along a path in CSS

I like this kind of new approach for the perfect squares with aspect-ration:

width: 200px; 
aspect-ratio: 1;

Interesting to learn about custom CSS Property.

CSS is fun again

Do you agree?

Mixed News

How Core Web Vitals saved users 10,000 years of waiting for web pages to load

AI as UX Assistant

“92% of the respondents claimed they had used at least one generative AI tool; among those who used these bots for work, 63% used them at least several times per week (if not daily).”