Friday Issue Nr. 88 | 17/11/2023

Last week, an Angular update came out. I’m still looking for some good overview articles. This week, Vite 5.0 is out. But do our users always have JavaScript? That question is answered below.

JavaScript News

Vite 5.0 is out

Seems like Vite is becoming the default choice for most modern JS frameworks.

Prettier 3.1 Released

Add indentation back to nested ternaries.

Everyone has JavaScript, right?

It's a pretty long list of possibilities when your user doesn’t have JS. Is your app ready for that?

Excel-like React Datasheet Grid

Another library to keep in bookmarks.

Can Bun eat NodeJS’s lunch?

In short, nope. Not yet.

67 Browser-based debugging tricks

Loads of ways to debug your JS app in Browser. For some reason, I remember those advanced techniques only after I needed them.

CSS News

Messing about with CSS gradients

That did hurt my eyes, but it is an interesting experiment.

Mixed News

Very nicely done web

Also, click the search (top, right corner) and enjoy the colour schemas directly from the images.

The waning days of the craft

This is quite a long read about coding, ChatGPT, craft and what is waiting for us (coders). It's a philosophical post but probably a good one for a Friday coffee break.