Friday Issue Nr. 89 | 24/11/2023

This week has brought fantastic posts about React Server Components and a few CSS news from CSS Nesting to Rem vs PX. Also, check the last article. It is quite a fantastic experiment with two browser windows.

JavaScript News

React Server Components

This is a solid deep dive by Jesse Pence. If you want to learn about React Server Components, then this is probably the best source at the moment.

Unpic - component to deliver the right images

Here is Unpic:


Impressive what you can do in a browser

Tools to express your creativity in 3D


CSS News

Getting Started with Container Queries

Now, Container Queries are out in MDN. Also, the docs are nicely done!

Interactive guide to grid

Another article from Josh is nicely done and can clarify some of the aspects which might be missed from some other resources:

Totally remdom, or How browsers zoom text

In short, use rem for the text.

CSS nesting the latest update

Don’t mind the gap

When using flex, why not use gap?

Mixed News

Amazing creativity

What if you could interact between two browser tabs? Oh, but you can!

You can try it yourself. Open the URL below in two tabs and try to drag one window on top of the other:

Here is the code: