Friday Issue Nr. 90 | 1/12/2023

This week presents Vite 5, a video from Evan You about the state of Vue and Vite, a very pleasant article about infinite Canvas, as well as a short video about some of the most (arguably) dramatic JavaScript changes in 2023

JavaScript News

Vite 5

Vite started as a part of Vue and has now grown into all front-end infrastructure. Astro, Nuxt, SvelteKit, Solid, and Qwik use Vite. Also, RedwoodJS and Remix are switching to Vite.

Vite is now using Rollup 4, cleaning API by removing deprecated features and Node.js 18+ is now required.

State of Vue and Vite, presented by Evan You (video)

TypeScript 5.3

Elegant request-animation-frames from Sindre Sorhus

You can install and use it in any JavaScript environment.

The code:

Infinite Canvas

Evolving the Infinite Canvas

Gallery of infinite canvas


Starlight is a full-featured documentation theme built on top of the Astro framework


Colour Mix library Spectral.js

By adding two colours, the library will use the Kubelka-Munk theory and will create the lifelike colour mix.

Here is a demo:

And code:


Library, which will load high-resolution images and zoom in many different ways. Most importantly, it will zoom out those images as well.

Demo and Description:

10 JavaScript changes in 2023 (video)

Quick overview of some of the most interesting changes in 2023.

  • JavaScript Framework of the Year award

  • New features in JS language

  • HTML Dialog element

  • Next.js App Directory

  • What is UnJS?

  • Major changes to Angular 17

  • Bun JavaScript Runtime vs Node.js

CSS News

The hanging punctuation

Mixed News

API Client

If you are tired of the Postman, then there might be something fresh - Bruno is a Git-Friendly Opensource API client which works offline only. There is no plan for the cloud sync. That means your data belongs to you. It is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.