Friday Issue Nr. 92 | 15/12/2023

It's a hectic news week! Astro 4.0 is out, as well as SvelteKit V2. There is an interesting note on embedded YouTube videos. If that is not enough, apparently, HTML has bad parts, too. It's some fun web from TheVerge - all in all, plenty to read.

JavaScript News

Astro 4.0

The Astro team is unstoppable. In the latest release, the highlights include:

  • The Astro Dev Toolbar

  • Internationalization (i18n) routing

  • Incremental Content Caching (Experimental) for build performance

  • New View Transition APIs

  • Redesigned logging

  • Redesigned documentation

The New Dev Toolbar API unlocks features, and for example, you can build in external tools like Sqoosh image optimiser

SvelteKit V2

This is not the one that will bring Svelte 5 to SvelteKit, but it is more like adding support for that move. So, hopefully, in the following months, we will have another upgrade where we can have Svelte5 as well.

Migration docs

ReactJS Documentation

It has been a while since I visited ReactJS docs, and actually, they look fantastic:

This is why most 3D websites suck

Step-by-step video on how and why to create a 3D experience

or jump into Demo:

One YouTube embed weighs almost 1.2MB

Sounds crazy? The solution is to use <lite-youtube> web component

CSS News

HTML: The Bad parts

Like we did not have enough issues with JavaScript's bad parts, loads of HTML parts apparently don’t simplify life.

SVG Advent Calendar

Oh no! My JSON

So, despite hanging, punctuation is a good thing, but it is a bit too general and applies not only to Quotes but also to parentheses, square brackets and curly braces.

Creating Accessible CSS animations

The article is interesting as it shows not only the accessibility aspect but also the implementation of company-wide rules for animation.

Responsive and creative Credit Card form

A few ways CSS is easier to write in 2023

Fine, I’ll Use a Super Basic CSS Processing Setup.

Mixed News

Old Web today

This is a fun journey! Probably only a few will get those nostalgic vibes 🙂

The year Twitter died.

It's a very fancy website. Check the Chaos button (left/bottom) and key (top/right). I think the Chaos button should be implemented on every website to spice things up.