Friday Issue Nr. 93 | 22/12/2023

Vue 2 reached EOL, date-fns is seriously small date/time library, Oxlint - JavaScript Linter, why you don’t need Lodash anymore. Pico CSS, SCSS collection to extend Bootstrap 5

JavaScript News

Things you forgot (or never knew) because of React

This one is a perfect Friday’s post - a delightful long read!

Where do we stand with ReactJS, and what is else in the market? How outdated is React, and what should we choose now?


It's probably the smallest date/time library in the wild. Before, it had only 300 bytes, and after refactoring where they added types, it has only 200 bytes. Amazing. Now V3 is out

Promises, await event and finally

Nice long read about Promises and when the “leaked” situation is not resolved.


Oxlint is a JavaScript linter; for now, it can’t replace ESLint fully but rather used as an enhancer. It is 50 - 100 times faster than ESLint, utilising Rust and parallel processing.

Vue 2 is approaching the EOL

You should be prepared for the depreciation of Vue 2 on December 31

You don’t need Lodash


Just a reminder to myself, we have structuredClone(obj). The previous approaches like _.cloneDeep(obj) and JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj)) are not needed anymore.

CSS News


A delightful website which interactively explains the full story of 3D in CSS. I highly recommend clicking through.

Pico CSS

Minimal CSS framework for semantic HTML.

Journey around subgrid

Research on CSS subgrid, how to use it and experiments with coloured grid lines.

CSS Animation-composition

Animation has a default value of replace, but there is also animation-composition: replace, add, accumulate. The add and accumulate, in most cases, produce the same result; however, for scaling, the result is different.

Happy 27th birthday CSS

CSS Wrapped: 2023

Indeed, this is a surprisingly massive year for CSS. Endless page with short summaries for every new CSS property. To name some of the titles: Scope, Nesting, Trigonometric Functions, Subgrid, Colours, Typography, Container Queries, :has() selector and more.

HTML good parts

It is a short but nice article with good examples of Accordion and a List with autocomplete. Text modifications arguably don’t make much sense as you still use CSS to modify. However, I’m surprised with autocomplete by using <datalist/> tag.

Three modern CSS properties your website must have

That’s a strong title, but actually, those properties make sense:

  • scroll-margin

  • color-scheme

  • text-wrap

Go beyond Bootstrap

SCSS collection to extend Bootstrap 5.

Mixed News

Adobe & Figma

After 15 months, the deal between Adobe and Figma was cancelled. This is not bad news to Figma as Adobe will pay a termination fee of $1 billion to San Francisco-based Figma.

Web Performance

Why is web performance important, and how can you analyse metrics? Also, what tools do we have, and what should we use? Lovely post!