Friday Issue Nr. 95 | 12/1/2024

This week presents us with a nicely written post about Imperative vs Declarative. It is a fascinating read on URL parts, an easy guide on how to Build NextJS, J/S quirks observation and CSS @Property. For Friday’s mode, there is a fun story about AI Town and who lives there.

JavaScript News

URL parts

I doubt if there is an even better resource to understand URLs. For example, what is the difference between site and origin?

The tool:

Imperative vs Declarative

“Many (if not all) declarative APIs have some sort of imperative implementation.” So, this article walks through and explains those two implementations in detail.

Building Nextjs App

It looks like a nice step-by-step tutorial on starting with Nextjs. It covers Vercel, GitHub, Postgres DB and the basics of Nextjs.

Beautifully explained some of JS's quirks

“JavaScript doesn’t have the responsibility to accommodate all developers, but each developer has the responsibility to understand the language and embrace its strengths while being mindful of its quirks.”

Plenty of articles explain that quirk 0.1 + 0.2, but this goes into depth and explains in detail all the bits (pun intended) and integers.

JavaScript Frameworks - Heading into 2024

Another interesting observation article about the current state of the JS world and where we are heading

CSS News

CSS @Property

Basically, @property is like a typescript for CSS. It also gives new possibilities for Themes and Animations. This is a lovely post with loads of colourful examples.

The Implied Web

Useful information about HTML elements, roles, and what an aria-label is for.

Mixed News

The package that broke NPM

AI Town (video)

Build your town with characters (each with a different personality), and let them live and learn. Basically, it is a Matrix with you in control (maybe not).