Friday Issue Nr. 98 | 02/02/2024

Happy Friday! Loads of articles this week. Qwick intro with Astro (Catchy title!), Temporal API and Deno, Blurry effect and another scroll animation example. Quite a few Mixed News. My favourite is Don’t Force Me to log in, but AI art is also enjoyable.

JavaScript News

Deno 1.4

Deno brings significant improvement with Temporal API. Temporal is more likely to replace Date() in JavaScript, which is excellent!

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Temporal itself is a Stage 3 proposal.

The difference between Svelte 4 vs 5 in a few examples

HTML Web Components on the Server Are Great

Take a Qwick break from React with Astro

I’d say this is one catchy title, right? It is a great post to read about a Qwick intro with examples. Also, if you know React, the only difference is how you handle the State. Even that is not so different.

Squeezing Last Bit Of JavaScript Performance For My Automation Game

It is an interesting article. However, I find it quite ironic that the article about performance has a Hero image of >10MB in size. 🙂

Universal lazy loading library for placeholder images

CSS News

Animate text when it is visible on the screen.

Another fascinating example is what you can do without JavaScript. By mixing animation-range and animation-timeline we can do something with an element while it is visible on the screen.

This is an experimental feature, so it should be used as progressive enhancement.

CSS blurry shimmer effect

Step-by-step explanation on how to create a blur effect. The result is awesome!

Relative length units based on font

This is one long list. I’m very sceptical about the em unit. However, the ch unit I find helpful, especially if I need to put something in a small box.

Mixed News

Don’t force me to log in

I can relate to that.

Infrequently Noted

This is a long read and kind of a cold shower, too. There was always that hope that our users would have faster internet and better devices, but that is not the case. We should always consider the Web Budget in Kilobytes and the size of our assets.

200K icons

All famous icons are set in one place, which is easy to choose, change colour, and use. Amazing work.

Changes to iOS Safari

“Today, iOS users already have the ability to set a third-party web browser — other than Safari — as their default. Reflecting the DMA’s requirements, Apple is also introducing a new choice screen that will surface when users first open Safari in iOS 17.4 or later. That screen will prompt EU users to choose a default browser from a list of options.”

As with Apple, there is no simple way for browsers to make it into iOS.

The Internet future is about to get weird

It's a very lovely philosophical article. Best opened with JavaScript turned off due to zillions of adverts. ”There should be lots of different, human-scale alternative experiences on the internet that offer up home-cooked, locally-grown, ethically-sourced, code-to-table alternatives to the factory-farmed junk food of the internet. And they should be weird.”

AI Art is the new stock image