Friday Issue Nr. 99 | 9/2/2024

Interview with Rich Harris, a deep dive into diverged git branches, Next.JS app router migration, hot module replacement, colour input support, focus-visible usage and a banana trowing game for Friday.

JavaScript News

Dealing with diverged git branches

A good post from Julia Evans about git error messages, diverged branches and possible solutions.

Next.js app router migration: The good, bad, and ugly

There is a growing pattern in writing this type of article. In any case, with so many good frameworks around, it is not easy to please developers.

Hot Module Replacement is Easy

At least, this is what Bjorn Lu thinks. However, the post is very informative.

Svelte 5 with Rich Harris

I find this interview very interesting. Rich talks about the framework creation thought process and the goals and why. (1h 18m)

Vite 5.1

Remix Release V2.6.0

How to create a slide-in menu with a Dialog tag

CSS News

Pseudo-class focus-visible usage

The color input

This <input type="color"> has full support now.

Here is a fun story about checkboxes

Also, the website's dark theme is on an extreme level.

Mixed News

The psychology of site speed and human happiness

This is an excellent post for a Friday. I heard that story before about airport luggage and a long walk to the baggage carousel, and still, it is an excellent example of how to make waiting “shorter”.

Monkey business

What can be better than a game on a Friday?

And here is the JS tutorial (2h) on how to make this game.